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4 Quick Wins You Can Deploy Immediately With Center

Quick Win #1

Fix Shopping Cart Abandonment


Studies have found that an average of 68% of e-commerce transactions are abandoned before they're completed. With Center, you can automatically send a reminder email to anyone who didn't complete their order.

Quick Win #2

Follow Up with Folks Who Attend Your Webinar But Don't Purchase


When someone watches your sales webinar but doesn't buy, why not give them a second chance to take advantage of your offer? Just tell Center to trigger a followup email whenever someone attends your webinar but doesn't make a purchase.

Quick Win #3

Offer a New Customer Onboarding and Upsell Sequence


People are highly engaged with your product just after purchase, so it's an ideal time to present any upsell offers that could enhance their experience. You can add targeted upsell offers to your onboarding sequence with a simple rule in Center.

Quick Win #4

Route Qualified Enterprise Leads to Your Sales Team


Make the most of your sales team's time by having them call only the most engaged and qualified leads. Center can continuously scan your data for those leads and alert sales reps when someone meets the criteria you set.

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All our plans come with a 30-day money-back guarantee.

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"I used Center to identify the people who were most engaged with my training videos and automatically reach out to gauge interest in a new program I was creating. Of the most interested people, 73% signed up for my $300 presell offer—6 months before its release. Now, I'm in the process of putting together a program and getting strong feedback from the exact target audience I'm after."

Sam Oh, Founder of Money Journal

Center Features

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Rules Engine

Create simple or complex rules based on actions your contacts perform across the different apps you use. For example:

If someone makes a purchase for the first time in PayPal, send them an onboarding sequence from AWeber.

If someone has attended your GoToWebinar presentation and watched your Wistia sales video—but hasn't made a purchase after 3 days—automatically notify your sales team to reach out.

If someone purchases a certain product in Stripe, exclude them from your MailChimp email sequence promoting that product.

If someone submits multiple support tickets in ZenDesk within a week, send them a special retention offer from HubSpot.

If someone opts in for a download on your Leadpage but doesn't make a purchase in Stripe within a month, add them to a special email list in Infusionsoft to try to convert them.

Behavioral Triggering Across Your Suite of Marketing Tools

Trigger events based on nearly anything your prospects and customers do (in nearly any marketing, sales, or customer service app you use).

For example, you could identify segments of people who:

Have shown high interest in your product but submitted a failed purchase through Stripe

Register for a webinar and download a lead magnet and subscribe to your blog

Make a purchase and file a support ticket and view your refund-policy page

Watch a sales video and visit your pricing page and add an item to their cart without purchasing

... and then automatically trigger an action, such as sending a follow-up email or alerting your support or sales team.

Center gives you access to advanced behavioral triggering across the customer timeline, so you can reach, convert, and retain customers no matter where they are in their journey.

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Retroactive Behavioral Triggering

Center works backwards and forward in time, so you can also trigger actions based on things that have already happened. Just choose your time frame and Center will pull historical data from the apps you've selected—which means you can automatically take action based on a full picture of your contacts' history.

Lead/Contact Routing

Center can send new leads to multiple services simultaneously. For instance, want sales and marketing to follow up with registrants for your upcoming webinar? Tell Center to take anyone who signs up in GoToWebinar and add them to your follow-up segment in Salesforce and your webinar email sequence in AWeber.

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Downtime Protection

Even the best integrations can go down from time to time. When they do, Center will hold onto the data those integrations are supposed to be receiving and pass it through as soon as the app is up again. That means your automation rules keep running even when part of the system glitches.

Lead Backup (Coming Soon)

On top of downtime protection, Center will soon be able to instantly cache and back up your leads. That means your leads are always protected, no matter what.

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What Is A Marketing Command Center?

A marketing command center sits on top of your existing marketing, sales, and customer support apps to coordinate and automate across all of them. A marketing command center tracks, segments, and manages leads and customers across your suite of marketing, sales, and customer tools ...and triggers actions and automations based on user behavior.

If you're like most people, you don't run your marketing with just one tool. Sure, you might use MailChimp, InfusionSoft, or Hubspot for some things ... but you're probably also using additional tools like:

  • A webinar tool
  • A landing page tool like Leadpages
  • A video player like Wistia
  • A shopping cart
  • A payment system like Stripe
  • Maybe some membership site software
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If you're just using one of these tools to run your campaigns, everything is easy...

...but the second you want to run a coordinated marketing campaign across multiple tools, everything gets very difficult, very quickly.

That's where Center comes in.

Center is the marketing command center that sits on top of your existing marketing apps and automates them for you.

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All our plans come with a 30-day money-back guarantee.

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