[Huge Center Product Update] Facebook Custom Audience Integration: Stream Contacts into Custom Audiences in Real Time

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Everyone knows Facebook these days, and most marketers have caught on to the incredible power of Facebook Ads.

They’re versatile. They can get hyper-targeted. And they’re affordable, getting more results with less ad spend than most other social advertising platforms.

While Facebook Ads can be an excellent way to expand your audience, there’s another, equally worthwhile way to use them: to reinforce the messaging you’re sending to your existing audience.

As effective as email marketing is, people are bombarded with email messages day in and day out. It’s all too easy for your email about your giant promotion to get buried in an inbox. Facebook ads create another channel for reaching your list and book more time in front of your audience.

That’s why one of the best ways to get more out of the Facebook Ads platform is to create custom audiences.

Custom audiences in Facebook work by allowing you to upload a list of email addresses to create an audience for specific ad campaigns. For example, you could download a CSV of all of your customers from your online payments platform, upload that list to Facebook Ads, and send them very targeted ads inviting them to an onboarding webinar.

As another example, you could upload a list of every single person on your email list who isn’t yet a customer, and run ads inviting them to a webinar where you can make a pitch.

It’s really powerful because it lets you get really targeted with your offers and show them to people who are most likely interested. When you can target the right audience with the right offer, things always work better.

With Center, we wanted to take the power of custom audiences to the next level.

You already know that in Center you can do things like identify everyone who attends your webinar but doesn’t purchase, and automatically send an email inviting them to take advantage of the bonuses offered on your webinar within the next 24 hours.

Now, there’s a new way to use the segments you create by analyzing your contacts’ behavior across all the different tools you have integrated with Center. We think it just might put Center over the top as the most powerful tool in your marketing stack.

With our new Facebook Custom Audience integration, you can dynamically create custom audiences in Facebook … so you can seamlessly send a stream of people into your custom audiences in real time.

That means you no longer have to manually download the CSV file from your email service provider or payment platform, then go to Facebook Ads and manually upload the list to your account (and repeat every time you want to add new people to that audience).

You simply set up a rule in Center to add them to your custom audience automatically. Not only will this save a ton of time, it will keep your custom audiences stocked with all of your hottest leads.

Let’s look at how this works.

Example #1: Upsell Ads

With this new feature, you can handle upsells automatically through Facebook Ads.


You’d start by connecting your Stripe or PayPal account to Center and setting whichever payment service you use as a source.

You can easily add more criteria such as purchase date and other actions your customers have taken, but in the example above, we’re keeping it simple and including everyone who’s made a purchase.

Then, add an action and choose Facebook. (Connecting your account is easy if you haven’t hooked it up yet—just click the icon and allow Center to connect to your account.)

Stripe Rule

At that point, you can choose which audience you’ll add these people to or create a new custom audience from right within Center. Name the rule, activate it, and then go populate Facebook Ads with the ad you want to show to this custom audience.

Now, any time someone makes a purchase, they’ll be instantly added to your custom audience for your upsell ads. For example, if someone purchases your main product, you could show them ads for your next-level consulting and coaching program.

Example #2: Closing More Webinar Sales

Let’s look at another example. Let’s say we want to show a special offer to a custom audience made up of everyone who attended our webinar but didn’t purchase anything on that webinar.

In this case, we’d create a new rule and select GoToWebinar as the source, and select everyone who attended a webinar.

But we don’t want to spend our advertising budget on people who have already purchased, so we’ll need to make our segment narrower than that. So we’ll add our payment processor as another source and choose “no purchase.”

GTW Rule

From there, we’ll add this segment of webinar attendees who didn’t purchase to a new Facebook custom audience, activate the rule, and populate Facebook Ads with our offer—in this case, to purchase the bonuses offered on the webinar within the next 24 hours.

Center and Facebook will take care of everything else.

What Kind of Custom Audiences Will You Create?

These are just two examples. Using Center to build custom Facebook audiences can be powerful in so many other cases, such as:

  • Reactivation campaigns
  • Cart abandonment
  • Webinar reminders
  • Promotions
  • Sales
  • JV partnerships

And that’s just counting (a few of) the ways you can use Facebook to reach your existing contacts. You can do even more with this integration once you start using it to create lookalike audiences—people who fit the same profile as your existing contacts or customers.

When you use this feature, Facebook will find other people like your leads and customers and send them your ads, expanding your audience to reach just the prospects who are the absolute best fit for a given offer.

We could spend all day exploring those possibilities—but I’ll leave it there for now. (Stay tuned for more ideas on how to use this.) It’s already a lot to take in!

With this new addition to Center you have the power to dynamically expand your reach with almost no manual effort. And while it may be the biggest Center feature we’ve released so far, it’s just one of many updates we’re making on a weekly basis.

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Got any ideas for how to use this new feature that we didn’t cover? Share them in the comments.