The Center Vision Is Moving to Drip. Here’s Why.

TL;DR: The Center feature set has moved to Drip. The vision for Center lives on, but inside of Drip. We’re sunsetting, and Center customers will get Drip for free. We’ll help you migrate everything over.

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Update, 6/19/17: I want to thank the Center Early Adopters for your candid thoughts. We’re grateful for your belief in Center before it was even something you could log into, and we certainly don’t want you to feel let down.

We want to offer all of our Center Early Adopters (who have maintained their memberships until now) unlimited use of Drip, free for one year. After that, you’ll be given special pricing for any plan you choose. (But if you’d rather receive a direct prorated refund or a credit to your Leadpages account, just let our support team know.)

Please reach out to our support team directly so we can work on getting everything set up for you.

To summarize, here’s what early adopters have received, in addition to access to the Center product:

  • LeadPages Certification ($1,000 Value, Free): This is the premier certification for anyone who is serious about marketing and impacting customers. Those who hold this certification will be seen at the top of their field with the greatest understanding of the complexities and benefits of having a robust online marketing strategy.
  • Monthly Coaching Calls to Guide Your Marketing Automation ($1,000 Value, Free): For a year after signing up as a Center early adopter, you were able to dial into our Q&A coaching calls and get all your marketing automation questions answered—including how to set up a marketing automation strategy for your specific business.
  • A One-Time Special Offer To Get A Free Year Of Drip (at least a $1,000 value): Right after Leadpages acquired Drip, we offered Center early adopters a one-time limited opportunity to get a free year of unlimited use of Drip.  This offer has now expired, but a number of early adopters took advantage of this.

In addition to this (like I wrote above) all currently enrolled early adopters are getting unlimited use of Drip, free for one year. After that, you’ll be given special pricing for any plan you choose.

I also want to add this note:

This April, you paid us for an additional year’s membership in the Center EA program. And with this free year of unlimited use of Drip, I feel like we’re delivering on the spirit of the Center early adopter program.  Beyond this first year (which you already paid for if your membership is current), we can’t provide unlimited plans for Drip.

There are two reasons for this:

  1. There are large fixed costs associated with the bulk email sending and spam compliance that Drip does. And while we’re OK with operating at a potential loss for a year, we just can’t do that indefinitely.
  2. Drip allows for the creation of unlimited users and sub-accounts. Combine this with an unlimited plan and we’d be taking on an unacceptable amount of risk. Again, we’re OK with this risk for a year (and to deliver on the year of the early adopter plan that you’ve paid for) but we’re not OK with this risk for an indefinite amount of time.

No product lasts forever, but some last more than others. We believe that these kinds of outcomes are always a possibility with early adopter programs, and that we’ve now delivered on the spirit of what you’ve paid for, especially when you include the bonuses listed above.

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact our support team.

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We’re sunsetting Center, but it’s not because the product vision isn’t important to us. Center has been incredibly important to me.

I vividly remember filming the homepage video for It was July 8, 2016. I drove to Leadpages headquarters, ran into our filming studio, read the video script off the teleprompter, then immediately got back into my car and drove to the hospital.

My wife was going into labor with twins and I needed to be there stat.

The next day, these kiddos were born:

The Center vision had been born about seven months earlier.

I was in Palm Springs on Christmas vacation with family, playing during the day, and then staying up until 3 a.m. each morning, dreaming about what would become and working on its launch.

It was during this time that the Center Thesis was developed, and we started seeing the marketing technology landscape in a new way.

Then Drip Came Along—and Impacted Us More Than We Ever Imagined

I don’t think anyone (including myself) could have anticipated how the market would respond to Drip after the acquisition.

Drip quickly became the fastest growing marketing automation solution on the market, and the month-over-month growth rate has been 15%–25% ever since. (And for you SaaS nerds out there, get this: Drip has net negative revenue churn.)

We started winning deals away from HubSpot, Marketo, and Pardot… and huge sites like ProBlogger and SocialMediaExaminer switched to Drip.

SamCart switched to Drip to run a 7-figure launch, and marketing celebrity Frank Kern switched as well.

Amy Porterfield made Drip her #1 recommended marketing automation solution and email service provider.

And the ecosystem of apps around Drip started to grow at an amazing clip.

It was amazing to watch.

When We First Acquired Drip, It Was Different Enough from Center That I Didn’t Foresee a Problem

The Center project started before Drip was even a twinkle in our eye. And even after the acquisition, the pure spirit of Center appeared to be different than Drip’s.

On the one hand, Center was a marketing command center that sat atop your marketing stack and allowed you to create multi-app automations (automations that run across all of your apps), multi-app segments (segments that aggregate across multiple marketing tools), and multi-app integrations.

And on the other hand, Drip was a 3-year-old product in the well-established marketing automation and email platform space.

But a few months after the Drip acquisition…

The Line Between Drip and Started to Blur (and Things Started to Get Confusing)

For example, the team was working on creating a “customer timeline of record” that would record all the actions that a lead/customer had taken across a business’s apps.

If someone visited a webpage one month, then became a lead another month, then attended a webinar, left the webinar early, watched a video in Wistia, purchased, cancelled their account, then joined again… would put all of those events on one timeline.

But Drip already had that:

Drip gives you detailed insight into every interaction a contact has had with your business.
Really, really detailed.

Also, Center was working on a pretty advanced “rules engine” and segmentation engine.

Same story. Drip already had that:

Center was working on a two-way REST API (that would allow anyone to write their own integration with the product); Drip already had that. Same with lead backups, webhooks, and so many other things that were part of the original vision for Center.

So while the high-level product categories for Center (an integration hub for marketers) and Drip (an email automation tool) were arguably different at the time of Drip’s acquisition, those visions manifested in a way that risked confusing the market and eroding our internal focus.

That’s why we’re rolling the Center vision into Drip (which Center customers will now get for free).

The Center Thesis is as alive as it’s ever been. It’s just manifesting as Drip now.

Multi-app segments and automation, customer event timelines, an impressive list of integration partners: all that stuff lives on in Drip.

We’re Not Going to Let You Down, and If You’re a Center Customer You’ll Get Drip for Free (and We’ll Help You Migrate)

If you’re an annual member of Center, we’ll be giving you 12 months of Drip. If you’re a monthly member, we’ll be giving you 3 months of Drip.

You’ll recoup your investment in Center, plus up to two additional months (depending on when you renewed). You’ll get a full Basic Drip account, including every email and automation feature Drip has to offer. (And if you’re already a Drip member, we’ll add an equivalent number of Drip credits to the account you already have.)

For early adopters: We want to offer all of our Center Early Adopters (who’ve maintained their EA membership until now) unlimited use of Drip, free for one year. After that, you’ll be given special pricing for any plan you choose—just reach out to our support team to take advantage of this special plan for Center Early Adopters with current memberships.

If marketing automation isn’t right for you at this time, let us know. If you’re a Leadpages member, we’ll be happy to give you a Leadpages credit instead. Or, if you’d prefer a prorated refund, we can do that.

And, if you’d like, we’ll help you migrate your Center rules and contacts over to Drip.

To get started, reach out to our support team inside your account or drop us a line here. We’ve also got a step-by-step migration guide if you’d prefer the DIY route.

You can access your Center account to download and migrate your data until Friday, July 14. If you’d like to take advantage of your free Drip credits, reach out to us by Thursday, August 31, at the latest. (But the sooner you do, the sooner you’ll be able to get up and running with Drip.)

If we don’t hear from you by August 31, we’ll automatically issue a prorated refund for any time remaining on your Center membership after July 14 (the last date on which you’ll be able to use Center).

Why Moving to Drip Is a Great Thing for (Most) Center Customers

Drip does 98% of what Center could do… and many things that Center never could do. (Such as handle all your marketing and transactional emails.) And of course, now the Drip product roadmap contains the Center vision.

On top of this, Drip is an established and mature product with rock-solid technical underpinnings. Here’s my favorite Drip testimonial:

You’ll be in great company if you decide to join us in Drip. I’d recommend reading Andre Chaperon on why he switched from ConvertKit and ActiveCampaign to Drip; David Risley on why he switched from Ontraport to Drip; and Eric Siu on moving from Infusionsoft to Drip.

If you’ve liked Center and what it stood for, I’m confident that you’ll be able to accomplish just as much (and significantly more) with Drip.

If You’re a Center Customer, Here’s What to Do Next

We want to do everything we can to make this transition smooth and simple for you. If you already have a Drip account and would like to start moving your rules over, click here for a video tutorial.

Our support team is standing by to help you with migration issues, free Drip credits, and any additional help you need around the sunsetting of Please reach out to them by August 31!

If you need help or have a question, please hit them up instead of leaving a comment or asking a question on Facebook.

The Center story isn’t over. It’s just taking on a different form.

See you inside Drip.

– Clay